Tower Upgrades

Over the last two months we have done a series of tower upgrades. Fallsnet Wireless Internet now has upgraded coverage in Little Falls and to the West, North West and South West. Give us a call and we can see if we can get you, even if we were not able to in the past!


Expanded Wireless Coverage

Fallsnet Wireless Internet now has expanded coverage! We have recently installed equipment on two new towers. We now have greatly expanded coverage to the East, South East and South of Little Falls! If you are in these regions and we’ve told you no in the past, give us a call.



A new tactic of cyber criminals is to infect computers with ransomware. This type of malware attempts to extort money from the computer owner. They do this by preventing access to the files on the computer sometimes by encrypting the contents of the individual files.

The best way to prevent this is to follow basic internet security procedures:

  • Do not click on ads or links for free software (no matter what they offer).

  • Do not install anything from unknown sources on the internet.

  • Make sure your virus protection is up to date.

If you have been infected by one of these ransomware programs we recommend you bring your computer in for repair.

Fallsnet Support

Phone Scams

Many of our customers have reported receiving calls from an entity claiming to be from Microsoft (it is not Microsoft). The caller tries to convince the receiver that their computer is infected with viruses. These calls are a scam. They are simply trying to gain access to the computer by convincing the person to install software. If these people call you, do not do anything with the computer. You can file a complaint with the FTC here or with

If you have already allowed these people access to your computer we recommend you have your computer checked out to make sure there is no residual malware or remote control software.

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