Hello Royalton!

We have installed and tested antennas on the Royalton Water Tower. We are now able to service about 8 miles in each direction around Royalton with High-speed Wireless Internet. Click Here or give us a call to learn more and check availability.

(320) 616-2166

Tower Upgrades
Today we have improved and expanded coverage in the area to the East of Little Falls. Call to find out if we now cover you! (320) 616-2166


The Royalton City Council has approved our proposal to place antennas on the water tower! At this point we are still waiting on a structural review from the engineers, but as soon as that is complete we can start getting our equipment setup. If all goes well, we will start providing the Royalton area with High-speed Wireless Internet by the end of the month!

Royalton City Council

Last night Fallsnet attended the Royalton City Council meeting. We would like to thank them for their hospitality. They were very welcoming. They will deliberate our proposal and hopefully reach a decision at the next council meeting on May 3rd 2016. In the meantime, you can help! Contact your City Council and let them know what you think about getting High-speed in and around Royalton.

City Office: 320-584-5900

Mayor: Andrea Lauer

Council Member: Ed Zimny 

Council Member: Ron Verley

Council Member: Al Libke

Council Member: Kelly Warzecha