Computer Repair

Fallsnet offers computer repair services! We can fix nearly any computer related problem. We service PCs, Macs, Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, Handheld devices and peripherals. Most repairs are covered in our Optimize package.

Prices and Service Packages

Service Price Reload Cleanup Optimize
    $149 $99 $59
Bench Fee $25 X X X
Troubleshoot Software Trouble $30 X X X
Troubleshoot Internet Trouble $30 X X X
Troubleshoot Startup Trouble $60 X X  
Troubleshoot Hardware Trouble $40 X X  
Clean case/fan dust $20 X X X
Install Ram $20 X X X
Install Peripheral $20 X X X
Install Power Supply $30 X X  
Install Hardware $20 X X  
Install Virus / Malware Scanners $20 X X X
Install Drivers $60 X X X
Install Software $20 X X X
Install Windows Updates $30 X X X
Optimize Windows $30 X X X
Install Program Updates $20 X X X
Remove Unwanted Programs $30 X X X
Password Reset $20 X X X
Remove Viruses / Malware $90 X X  
Upgrade Windows $50 X    
Install Windows w/ Drivers / Updates $100 X    
Transfer / Save Files $60 X    
First Time Setup $80 X    
Laptop Keyboard Repair $20 X X  
Laptop Screen Repair $60 X    
Replace / Repair DC jack $60      
Wireless Setup $20 X X X
Replace Component on Circuit Board $30      
Burn CD/DVD $10      
Express Service $50      
Data Recovery Attempt $30
Data Recovery Success $100      
Erase Hard Drive $20      
Onsite Repair is $60 Per Hour, Min of 1 hour, Includes Travel
    Reload Cleanup Optimize
Prices do not include parts or tax $149 $99 $59

Why Choose Us?

  • One Day Service!
    We can have most problems resolved within a day!
  • Speak with the Tech!
    Call or stop in and talk to the tech that's actually working on your computer.
  • Knowledgeable, Professional Staff
    We have wide-ranging IT skills.
  • Large selection of new and used parts.
    Don't wait a week for your parts to come in.
  • We can repair hardware.
    Some problems can be fixed cheaply by a bit of solder.