Internet Outage

The trouble is now fully resolved.

A third party caused a power issue at one of our upstream providers locations that is preventing customers using our service from getting online. They have personnel on site looking into the issue and should have it resolved shortly.

Intermittent Tower Outage - Resolved

Update: The issue is now fully resolved.

There is an issue with a tower located South East of Little Falls. The issue is causing intermittent outages to customers primarily located in that same region. Another company’s equipment is malfunctioning and causing interference with our systems. We are doing our best to mitigate the issue until it can be fully resolved. We have parts set to arrive Monday morning that should allow us to regain full operation despite the interference. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while we get this issue resolved.

Fallsnet Support


This year instead of focusing on expanding to new towns, we worked on reinforcing our existing infrastructure. After finally getting FCC approval, we were able to upgrade capacity to most of our major towers by between 2 and 5 times!

In addition to upgrading capacity to our towers, we also upgraded much of the equipment on our towers including the Access Points and Battery Backups to provide faster, more reliable service.

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Internet Outage
Due to an extended power outage in a large area around Little Falls, a few of our towers are not working. The battery backups we have installed have run out of power, we are installing new batteries now to bring service back to the effected areas.

You can see MN Power's progress on this issue here: MN Power Outage Map

The issue is now resolved. If you are still having trouble, restart your router, wait two minutes for it to start and connect to the internet and then try again. If you are still having trouble after that, please give us a call.