Wireless Broadband Internet

Fallsnet provides Ultra High-Speed Internet Service to Little Falls. See the coverage area below and submit the Check Availability form to see if you are covered.

Fiber speeds at an affordable price.

Great for:

All at the same time!

Fallsnet Wireless Broadband Coverage

Fallsnet Wireless Broadband currently covers most of Little Falls and can go right through the trees. Please contact us using the form below to see if you are covered.

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Broadband Standard

For homes of any size and small businesses
Free Managed WiFi
Free Standard Installation

Broadband Premium

For enthusiasts and medium to large businesses
Free Managed Whole Home WiFi
Free Standard Installation

The listed prices are standard prices, not introductory prices. All plans require a 1-year contract. Not all plans are available in all areas.

A router is required to connect to our network. You can use your own or lease one from us. Customer routers must be capable of gigabit ethernet on its WAN port. Fallsnet Broadband Standard subscribers are provided 1 leased Wi-Fi router at no charge. Fallsnet Broadband Premium subscribers are provided with as many leased routers as necessary to cover their home or business (up to 4) at no charge.

Fallsnet Wireless Broadband Information Tables
Contract Term One Year
One-time Setup Fee $0 - Typical, May Vary
Early Termination Fee $20 per Month remaining on contract
Optional Router Lease $5 per Month (first 1-4 included)
Monthly Charge (Standard) $75 per Month
Monthly Charge (Premium) $120 per Month
Introductory Period None
Regulatory Fees None
Data Limits No Limit
Typical Download/Upload Speed (Standard)* 300 Mbps / 50 Mbps
Typical Download/Upload Speed (Premium)* 500 Mbps / 100 Mbps
*Observed download and upload speeds may be considerably faster.
Peak Download/Upload Speed (Standard) 400 Mbps / 60 Mbps
Peak Download/Upload Speed (Premium) 600 Mbps / 120 Mbps
Typical Latency < 50ms to network edge
Typical Packet Loss < 0.1%

The listed speeds are the typical expected speeds, not guaranteed speeds. Need guaranteed speeds? Call us for Dedicated Connection and Custom Business Plan information, we have dedicated plans up to 2 Gbps / 2 Gbps.