Fallsnet Fees

This page outlines the various fees associated with Fallsnet Internet Services. Please also refer to the Fallsnet Terms of Service Agreement and other documents on our Policies Page. If you have any questions regarding these fees, please contact billing@fallsnet.com.

Early Termination Fee
$20 Per month remaining on contract term
Mailing Fee
Reconnection Fee for Terminated Service Due to Non-Payment
ACH Overdrawn Check Fee
Late Payment Fee
Router Rental
TP-Link Deco Rental: $5+tax / Month
  • Wireless Broadband Standard includes one Deco free.
  • Wireless Broadband Premium includes up to 4 Decos free.
Standard Installation Fee
  • Fallsnet Wireless: $50
  • TerraWave: $60
  • Wireless Broadband: $0
Non-Standard Installation Fee
Varies, a quote will be given before installation.
Service Call Fee
$50 (for service calls not related to Fallsnet Internet Service see: Fallsnet Repair Services)
Non-Returned Equipment Fee: (varies based on service and equipment)
  • Fallsnet Wireless:
    • Cambium Force 300-25: $250
    • Cambium Force 300-16: $225
  • TerraWave:
    • Cambium cnWave v1000: $375
    • Cambium cnWave v2000: $750
    • Cambium cnWave v3000: $1000
    • Cambium cnWave v5000: $1600
  • Wireless Broadband:
    • Tarana G1 RN: $800
  • Router:
    • TP-Link Deco M5: $75
  • Power Supplies and Power Injectors:
    • All device power supplies: $20
Lost, Stolen or Damaged Equipment Fees
In the event Fallsnet Equipment is lost, stolen or damaged, the Customer shall be liable for the replacement cost. If Fallsnet Equipment malfunctions at no fault of the Customer, Fallsnet will replace Fallsnet Equipment.